About ZsaZsa & Daphne

This is Shori's (ZsaZsa) daughter. I've been the one religiously working on their website. They've been told several times by several marketing people that they need an about us section. So, I asked Shori and Leah (Daphne) to tell me about them/about their store. First word out of one of their mouths was: "um, we don't even know who we are" 

I guess that means that it's up to me to tell you about my mom and my other mother aka m.o.m.... 
But I am just as hard to follow as they are, so keep up!

As far back as I can remember my mom and Leah have been the best of friends, inseparable. I'd even say that they share a brain. Shori is the right brain and Leah the left. And, that works for them... perfectly. I also can't remember a time (even in the 90's when everyone has bad style) that they weren't decorating for themselves and for other people in our area. I guess that's where this all starts. They were junk gypsies before the Junk Gypsies that are famous today. (I still say that it should have been Mom & Leah.) There is nobody funnier, nobody that has their personalities, and certainly nobody who has style quite like they do. Even now, (they are grandmas to my little Flynn! ) they have the best personalities and certainly do not act like grandmas. People my age (25) call them for help decorating their house or asking what they should wear to this certain event... ALL THE TIME. They should have been on HGTV or a similar network a long time ago. (Hey, HGTV, if you're reading this.. come film them. They're hilarious) 

Anyway, they've had junk stores and consignment stores and a cookie bouquet business but they just hadn't found something that our big ol' town of Sikeston really needed and that they could see themselves doing for a decent amount of time before getting bored. They kind of have an identity crisis like once a week. (Props to Buzz and Rick for dealing with them all the time!) Flynn is now 3 months old and Shori still doesn't know what Flynn should call her: ZsaZsa, Momza, Momma Sho, ShoSho, Mumsy, etc. It changes daily. Leah is proxy because she's a grandma by proxy. And, so far that name has stuck! 

So, ZsaZsa & Daphne.. I'm sure you are wondering about why they named this boutique ZsaZsa & Daphne's (which offers clothes, homegoods, furniture, shoes, jewelry, and whatever else they find that they like- they even have a guy who gets driftwood off the river and makes stuff for them) ZsaZsa was Shori's little maltese. She was alive for nearly 14 years. Daphne was Leah's first toy poodle. I'm not sure how long Daphne was alive but that doesn't matter, Leah loved her so much! 

Now, more about the store: They are trying to bring the good stuff to Sikeston, Missouri. There isn't even a mall here. For that reason, they offer a little bit of everything. They're a little bit out of the way but A LOT out of the ordinary. 

They're too of the most fun people that I've ever met. I think its safe to say that they are my two best friends. They also have fun stuff. This is literally the only place my friends and I shop for clothes, furniture, or home goods. They always have an ever-changing inventory. Today, they offer clothing, home goods, free advice, free therapy. Sometimes they're country bumpkins and sometimes (they think) they are big city glams! It seriously depends on their personality that day. I'm not even kidding when I say that sometimes my mom can't even go to the grocery store by herself, she has to call Leah. But other days, she's like a beast. Nothing will stand in her way. And Leah, she's just about the same way. Except, if she feels like she can't do something... she goes for a box of ding dongs.

When you come to the store you'll see them cracking up over something that they think is ridiculously funny. If you shop online you can get a sense of their style but what they have to offer or you can read their blog.. I'll make them update it more often.. they're better writers and funnier than I am! 

For our little area of Sikeston, they exclusively offer Yellowbox, Lenny and Eva, Southern Sippin, Jadelynn Brooke, Girlie Girl and so much more.. They also have fabulous chandeliers, linen headboards, & chaise lounges. Basically, they have what you want, have had what you want, or will be getting what you want! 

I don't know if you read all that or not... but if you did, thanks! And I hope you follow along with their identity crisis and get to know them and love them as much as I do! Thanks for reading!